Friday, May 18, 2007

Skyerunner COVER FINAL

Ok here's the true final (above). Sorry for the stop and go on Friday. It was really busy here and I just couldn't get to this. Lot of fun working on Jeff again. I've got a few surprises coming up in terms of tutorials. If you are online savy you may already know what I am talking about. If you do...please keep it a secret for now and I'll let people know in a few days (here) what's already going on elsewhere from me.




Richard Friend.


Joseph said...

Amazing is the first word that came to mind. I think you did an A+++ job over Campbell's pencils too bad he never has an inker anymore. This is the perfect example of why every penciller should have an inker.

davidjamescole said...

i wholeheartedly agree. i'm sick of pencils-to-colors and digital inking (waste of time). showing this process is proof of why a great inker like rich is an extremely vital part of making comics. awesome job!

Ashigaru said...

Excellent inks. Good to see someone with a really strong inking style doing justice to Jeff's pencils.

Speaking of digital inks, has there been any really good inkers able to transfer their ability to digital inking that you know of? The techniques and tools seem quite diverse... pen, quill and brush are so much about the feel; something lost even when using a Wacom tablet.

Alvesartstudios said...

Great work guys...


Wellinton Alves


nice one rich

keep them coming!

how are you doing on the sup/bats pages?

have you ever thought about recording yourself while drawing

ya know like put up vids on youtube?