Friday, May 25, 2007

Civil War Poster Final

(entry ricH)

whew. Ok it feels really good to have this done. It was a TON of fun to do and I hope you all enjoyed seeing it come together. The piece is done with tech pens almost 100%. There was a small section I did with a crow quil just because I wanted a little extra bounce on the rocks and debris behind them (hardly noticable with all the stuff in the foreground)

Obviously doing something like this brings up the debate of pencils and inks. I never did this piece to add any fuel to that fire. I did it because the drawing looked fun to work on. I have always been addicted and drawn to mega-detailed work and I think double page spreads are like the "Opus" of that passion~!@!

I hope everyone has a nice and safe holiday weekend and I'll see you all in a few weeks with some new art. Next time it's 100% my stuff.

Again thanks to Leinil Yu for such inspirational art and an opportunity to ink something like this. You rule man!



umiRYU said...

That is wicked ... the balance is almost perfect for all that activity.

SedatOezgen said...

This is incredible!!I wonder how long verything took you to finish the picture?

All the best,

Joseph said...

Thanks for posting everything Rich I enjoyed the ride and It started my vacation a little early. Keep up the great work and I'm looking foreward to 100% Rich.

antonio said...


OH My God!!
amazing work Rich!!


MBKKR said...

Damn, that's a sick drawing man and a lot of work. But the result is great.
Great job.

Fabrizio said...

Awesome, dude!


Richard said...

cool thanks guys. It was a lot of fun to do...and that's really the point. I think no matter where you are(in your artistic evolution)....if you're not having fun and pushing yourself in the are probably going backwards. Whether you notice it or not.

I wanted to do something challenging with my inks(over someone else) and something a bit extreme. This was perfect. Plus I got a chance to screw around with a ton of Marvel characters most I have never worked over before.

so that was cool too!


Mike said...

Great illustration and very tight inks. Sorry if it has already been posted somewhere, but do you have a link to Leinil's original pencils?

Angela said...

Hi Rich-
I was wondering if you know where I can purchase some of your prints or Jim Lee's prints? I am looking for a high quality print, preferably signed(and Batman/Robin) as a gift for my husband. Thanks, Angela

Richard said...

Hi Angela, I don't have any line on signed prints from Jim Lee. Maybe try the DC comics web site (probably something like, I think there's something called 'DC direct'? (maybe google it) I am sure you can find some nice prints.

Links for Leinil Yu pencils:

go to
do a search for 'Leini Yu'

you'll find it there on his page.

Richard said...

should read do a search for 'Leinil Yu'...I dropped a "l" on Leinil.

davidjamescole said...

note to leinil yu: get richard friend as your inker! NOW! i love yu's stuff, but even more so when it is inked. nice piece!

DC said...

Yeah I agree with David, damn, maybe Yu / Friend will be the next Lee / Williams combo. That piece is wicked!!!

Kevin Mellon said...

just reaffirms my long standing belief that marvel is insane for colouring yu's work from the pencils.

i loved gerry's work over leinil, but rich, you make it effin' sing.


Nexxorcist said...

damn, did leinil yu see this yet?? dear god, that guy's artwork definitely looks better inked. this is sweet!