Wednesday, May 23, 2007

F Yu 2

(entry Richard Friend)

This is a piece that Leinil Yu did for a Marvel Civil War poster. I decided after I saw it online that I would give it a shot and do a inked version of the piece for myself. I didn't know at the time Leinil had a version up for inkers to try out on...I just like doing intense work so it was right up my alley: Here's the first 3 steps in the process...(This is a double pager) so use your imagination for now that it's all connected...stay tuned...there's more coming soon.



SedatOezgen said...

honestly, no asskissing or assswipping but youre truely a master !! every artist being able toork with you can be proud of themselves!

all the best,

Edwin Rosell said...


thilleboy said...

show us your tools! no not those ones
your inking tools. it's always nice to see what other artist use and recommend. And on a spread like this
i'm sure you use most of the aresinal

Alina Chau said...


Roel Cancio said...

great work as us usual by both artists!!

umiRYU said...

That IS intense ... ... my eyes hurt.

patman said...

rich, apart from gerry alanguilan, i think you are one of the best suited inkers to do justice to leinil's detailed pencils. let me know if you intend to sell the piece after you finish it. :)