Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wonder Woman final

(entry ricH)

Here's the final on that Wonder Woman piece. There's a slight crop line through the middle because I had to scan the image in 2 parts. I'll have a clean scan up on my 'deviant art' page tomorrow afternoon for anyone interested. Blasterkid

The piece was fun to got me interested in doing a little short test story with Wonder Woman. It'd be cool to do a short story(like those 2 pagers in 52) or some sort of back up with her. I don't even they do Annuals anymore? I haven't seen one in a while.....I've always wanted to do one. Usually they throw beginners like me on stuff like hopefully I can get something going here pretty soon.





very nice :highfive: :)

Richard said...


I always say that.

(in Borat accent)

'High Five~!'





:highfive: rich! very nice,ok? :) i like sex!

Requius said...


Fabio... said...

nice piece...

Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Well, what should have expected from ya? Yer the man! hehehe. No but seriously, i love what you've done for the final. Very well done.

danielpicci said...

nice work rich!

quick mind if use one of your 'warm up' pics you've posted earlier as my myspace background?

thought it looked cool....



Amryn said...

Richard, your take on Wonder Woman is cool and a fresh new take on her. Good stuff :). I'm going to have to ask though (not about her particularly) how you manage such a clean line when you ink?

Richard said...

yeah daniel please feel free to use the art....if anyone can always give me a nod if you'd like.

as for ''clean' lines on my work.

That's how I draw. Everyone brings something different to the can fight it, try and be different things...or get lucky and maybe it's something that's appealing in the field you work in. That's sort of me/

I draw how I draw, and ink how I ink. I've got work as far back as I can find art I've ever done.....(about 12 years before I ever saw a comic book) you'd still be able to tell it's my art.

I've never really flipped on what I am into or what I am shooting for.

Clean is a fake cool thing. There's a lot of loose art that's done so well it looks tight and clean.

Don't worry about 'clean' pencils. It can be boring and stiff.

Just do great gestures and have nice looking art....that'll do the trick.