Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wonder Woman work in progress

(entry ricH)

To keep things going here's another work in progress. This time it's Wonder Woman.

The thing I've noticed is that Wonder Woman has a lot of technical work you do with her costume. It's little perspective problems all over the place. All the stars, her breast plates, just everything has to work together. She's really fun to draw and I feel like I am sort of getting a handle on her.



Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Once again, i'm in awe. You've done an excellent Job. yer style is what triggered me to go for a more realistic feel. And to that i say thank you.

be blessed

Richard said...

cool man. I hope it's not too realistic though.


I want to have a fun quality to my work that isn't completely bogged down trying to compete against reality.

There's a lot more work on this one to go....so we'll see how it turns out.



just wanted to chime in and say its coming along fine

but i'm more curious about your work on the S/B pages specificly the figure work for each panel and then incorporating them into the panel, then tight pencils to inks

the thing is alot of us know how to doodle but taking it to the next step, clean lines to texture/rendering can be difficult

look forward to more from you rich



Richard said...

you'll get all that. I just had a few obligations I had to take care of....so I wanted to get these images done now while I had a small break in my schedule.


cool :)

Caanan - Guild Commander: said...

Yeah I see what you mean. A balance. \Still keeping it comic books ready.

thanx again man.

Richard said...

I saw your work caanan. REALLY nice stuff man. Your site was a little hard to navigate. Like a lot of blank areas on them. There were no sketches, the blog was confusing and I could never find a post although it looked like it went back to at least a year ago.

It looks like you spent a good amount of time on the different sites (the design etc. looked really cool) But I was pressed to really work through the sites and see what you are showing.

The sequential area seemed to work the best.

keep it up man...as for the art I saw.....you are well on your way!


Ryan said...

I know you love to draw female heroes and I think your lines, detail and softness are very very good. However, I wonder if you or any of the artists you work with have seen Girls Read Comics (and they're pissed)? Basically there are a sizable group of women (and men) who think that more thought should be made on how female superheroes should be posed. Jean Grey and WW are the most powerful beings in their respective universes and have no need to seduce the reader.

Richard said...

It's different strokes for different folks. I've had people e mail me and they wished I'd push this stuff even further into super sexy stuff, like playboy shots, victoria secrets type stuff or swim suit issue material...I am not really that into it to be honest.

This to me is a happy medium

I have a lot of female fans Ryan. I would say I have a bigger split than most artists I've worked with. I've seen them come up at San Diego con and they seem to really enjoy my work. They thank me for drawing the girls the way I do...so I am not so sure your impression is based on all female(or male) comic readers or what they are looking for.

This clearly isn't a story telling piece, it's just a simple pin-up/. I treat the female characters with a LOT of respect.

In a story yeah you know she's this powerful being...I can see that and that's how I'd handle her in that scenario.

If I want to draw a pretty 'good girl' pin-up piece, and that's the only intention I'll do that too.

It's one drawing. Not the 'definitive Wonder Woman' image I was shooting for when I did this.