Friday, January 12, 2007


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A recipe for a hearty breakfast including meat and eggs that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime


3 eggs, beaten, 1/4 cup machaca* (a deliciously seasoned shredded beef), 1 small tomato seeded and diced, 1/ 4 cup onion coarsely chopped, 1 teaspoon serrano chile finely diced, pinch of cumin, pinch of salt, 1 teaspoon lard*


Heat the lard in a medium skillet. Saute the onions and serrano chile for about 20 seconds. Add in the machaca and continue to heat for about 1 minute. Mix in the tomatoes and seasonings and remove mixture from pan and set aside. In the same pan, cook the eggs, constantly stirring and scraping with a wooden spoon or spatula to make them scrambled. When eggs are almost done, remove from heat and fold in tomato and machaca mixture. Let eggs sit in hot pan for an additional minute to finish cooking.

*You may substitute shredded beef for the machaca and oil for the lard.

Serve with either corn or flour tortillas.





Vittorio Giorgi said...

Mhhh...sounds good, but maybe I still prefer the italian breakfast, cornetto e cappuccino...

seban said...



Anonymous said...

Why not adding a morning tequila??



Sinc' said...


I love me a machaca burrito ANY time, man. I also recommend Chorizo burritos--just as tasty plus they can produce the same results as the machaca ones (in reference to the very funny Cartman shot).


danielpicci said...


definitely fire!

danielpicci said...

actually i thought id ask...
i still have not recieved my gelatometti sketchbook which was ordered last August. I think Eddy originally sent them out. Can someone please follow this up?
I can provide proof of the purchase if required. I paid approx $40 AUD (Australian) and am dying to see it


Gelatomettista said...

Hi Daniel, my bad. I'll have your Gelatometti Sketchbook in the mail this week with some extras!

Thanks for your patience!


Yano said...

Ohh...when did this become a cooking blog?

I'll definitely try it when I can find some machaca.

Gelatomettista said...


I was cleaning my office and in a very dumb sort of giddy mood. I just finished a HUGE deadline and was basically walking on 1 am in the morning after getting 3 hours of sleep the night before.....this post seemed hilarious to me. I found that silly quote about

"A recipe for a hearty breakfast including meat and eggs that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime"

and I was sold.



ok back to the real stuff art, comics and how damn sexy Jim Lee is.




i got a quick burrito recipe for you:

1 can of roast beef

1 can of refried beans

and mix it together

then add some salsa

and there you go!

takes less than 5 minutes and very filling

try it

also i bet "sexy" jim is estatic with the chargers right now, probably talking alot about them

happy new year everyone!