Monday, January 08, 2007

Benjamin - Grifter and Midnighter #1 pgs. 2-3


Grifter and Midnighter #1 - I love working on this book. When I was working on this double-page spread, all that was in my head was, "kick his ass!"

I tried to lay out a page that pulled the reader from left to right, but take up a lot of space so I wont have to draw a lot too. :0 This was actually my third time drawing the Midnighter character...ever! I'm sure the keen artist can see the influences. A lot of slime and flesh tearing movements.

Anyway, there should be more pages coming out soon so look out for it on my MySpace and deviantART too.

And to a question asked earlier, comics is an industry I will never leave. It took me to this point in life and I will always respect my peers and industry for that, especially the ones who got me here. Film production is another aspiration I have and I want to explore that industry too. Not for the money, but for the love of expression.

Art is a medium that can be expressed in many ways and my new sketchbook will define that more clearly.


Anonymous said...

Really diggin the spread. I will definitely be looking out for this title.

crazyfeetmcgee said...

Ryan you never fail to amaze me I remember some of your wildcore stuff and its cool just to see how badass you've become. Its cool to see you back and better then ever.

Anonymous said...

I agree with my predecessors: your art is great.

I digging to your deviant pages!

Remi said...

wow, your art is really nice. nice forms, jim lee must be like..what?!