Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 reboot

(entry ricH)

I wanted to first say Happy New Year to everyone who stops by here. It's been...I don't even remember it's all been such a blur. 2 or 3 years we've had this blog? It's always been a lot of fun for me and I hope this new year is just as cool. To me it's what you make of it and I've always tried to balance some dumb fun stuff, with I guess some artistic "shop talk" and as much art as possible.....whether it's something I like, something I've inked...or something I've drawn myself...I try and keep it interesting.

I basically learned to draw here as many of the old school lurkers and posters probably remember. It's been 3 years I've been tooling away on my penciling...or whatever weird thing I've gotten involved in (photography, mixed media, abstract, band drawings...). I hope my little attempts at different things continue to keep people wondering "what the hell is wrong with this guy, whats he doing?...or.... when is he going to draw a book?"

My current workload includes inking Whilce on Batman and Wetworks for a few more issues...although some personal stuff for me knocked me off inking Wetworks for 2 issues(I think issues 5 and 6)....and I am working on a pitch now for a brand new book....I'm starting it up as a grass roots thing. But I can say it would be a work that I would write, draw, and color. (and not ink funny enough..but more about that later)

you'll just have to wait and see. It's a different approach...but honestly I wouldn't do it any other way.


So yeah, I wanted to say a proper Happy New Year to everyone here. I hope you all had a great Holiday season(enjoy your machaca plate) and I say now....let's get to work.


Richard Friend.

(pic is by JC Leyendecker)


seban said...

Yeah,Happy New 2007!!
4everyone out there!!

new me ;)

Anonymous said...

Ciao Rich!
I waited for a new post of yours:
new pix, new art.
I like the way you go through new paths.

In Italy we say: "In bocca al lupo". It's a greeting we do for those that start new projects or have an important thing to complete in a final step.

Hope this year will be a great new one for you!

Ciao Rich!
Great to read you again!

P.S.: Machaca is just too much for me at breakfast! :-D

ccaprile said...

Good to hear something from you. It's been too long. I've been going through something of a back-to-basics, personal artistic renaissance journey for the last few months and was thinking about how inspiring it always was to watch you go through different phases and grow as an artist. I usually learned something from those, and they made me look at things from a different perspective. I hope that your schedule allows you to post a little more often around here in the future. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Same to you Rich!!!

danielpicci said...

happy new years rish to you and the Wildstorm crew!

i think it would great to get another iron chef challenge happening again in 2007! maybe against Top Cow?...


RichardFriend said...

Cool thanks guys. I am always hitting up the other artists here to keep posting new art or to keep adding art info to keep the Gelatometti spirit alive. It's been tough because everyone at WS is working on at least 2 projects at once right now/

I am writing up my script every night and getting everything laid out for my comic book pitch...and I ink a monthly book. That's a lot of work in and of itself...that's just my workload. The other artists can fill you in on theirs.

More Iron Chefs sound interesting for sure.

as for new art:
I have a few new pieces I am working on and I can post those up sooner, so as those wrap up I'll add them.

if not from me;

I am sure something will pop up here soon.


Anonymous said...

You guys are working on at least 2 books at once?
Man, it sounds like you all are either understaffed or underpaid. Or maybe everyone's just trying to pitch their own hits like yourself?

Cool man, I'll stay tuned.
In Texas, we say: "kick ass",
which means, well uh, assert yourself
and maybe even "In bocca al lupo".

Hungry like the wolf,
and ciaoing down,
Machaca de Steven