Saturday, January 06, 2007

Charest - WildCats Vol. 2 #1


Wow, a lot of great picks for the Best WildStorm Cover, but the final came down to a three-way tie with:

Deathblow Vol. 1 #2
Gen13: European Vacation TPB
WildCats Vol. 2 #1

So to break the tie, I went with Travis Charest's WildCats cover.

Out of the three, that cover just blew me away when I first saw it. Not only did he take his art to another level, but I loved the way he put his own spin on each character. It got me so excited about how and why each character looked the way they did and to me, that's exactly what a great cover should do.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted and just to start the new year off right, I'll send each person who posted a little something in the mail. Just e-mail me your username and mailing address at and you'll get something like a postcard, a signed comic or even a sketchbook!

I also took a quick poll around the office and here are some other favorites:

Deathblow Vol. 1 #1 - Carlos "Most memorable!"
Gen13 #13ABC Collected Edition - Sandra "Tinkerbell Roxy!"
WildC.A.T.s Vol. 1 #25 - Joel "Shiny!"
WildCats Vol. 2 #1 - Ryan "Travis!"
WildStorm Universe '97 #2 - JJ "Golden!"


Anonymous said...

Great pick, Eddie.
Travis Charest is one of my favorite artists since I read a badly translated Wildcats X-men.
And I still remember so many cool moments from the Lobdell/Charest run

I guess you aren't sending any Prizes outside the US, are you?


Gelatomettista said...

Hi B, I can send out the prizes worldwide!



joelhwa said...

eddy, do u still check your yahoo mail?

gelatomettista at

i just sent u a mail. thanks dude!

Sinc' said...

What?! Figures...the only one out of he three that I didn't work on. Where's the love, Eddie?! :D


Gelatomettista said...

Ha, you should've voted!

So what's YOUR favorite WildStorm cover, Sinc?


Sinc' said...

Man, that's a tough one. I do agree that seeing Travis's "new" style back then blew everyone away, including me. And I think it was the first New Horizons cover that showcased it (kateness brought those up). I also love WildC.A.T.s #13 (riki voted for this one) Joe Chiodo and Jess Botth really nailed the color on it--moody as hell.
And it was so cool to see some of the thirteen Gen13 interpretations for the launch of the regular series--Jason Pearson's Roxy a-la Janet Jackson sticks out in my mind as well as Campbells Brady Bunch cover.
But I gotta say that my all time favorite is still Deathblow #2. I've done countless covers and issues since and I still remember working on it and trying to figure out how to do fire and make it look realistic. You see, we were in the infancy of computer coloring back then and Photoshop did not have half the stuff available now, like the layers palette. Definite Props to JIm for the art and concept too.

John Learned said...

nice. thanks, eddy

raph said...

Awesome news and great pick for best cover. Thanks Eddy!

Anonymous said...

Gelatomettisti siete grandiiii!!!!!!!!!

Vi adoro!!!!

Great Trevis and I'm happy that european vacation was in the final game too!
I'll send you an e-mail at once, Eddy!!!!!

UBODngLUMPIA said...

that is indeed a dreat cover:D

what issues did travis pencil in wildcats?

eddy, are the people who voted for the winning entries the only ones to email you?

any chance whilce will post here in the blog?


Gelatomettista said...

Sent out a bunch of free stuff today, so everyone who voted in the last post and e-mailed should get their package soon!

kino: Travis became the regular penciler on WildCats with issue #15-#26 and followed it up with Volume 2 #1-6.

You can find out more about Travis here:

And Whilce also posts on his own informative blog, so you can find him here:


Edmund Lau said...

I became a fan of Wildcats because of Travis' art.