Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday Night Monsters are BACK.

(entry ricH)

I did this piece about 6 weeks back but it fits into my old Friday Night Monster sketches so lets get this rolling again. I got together about 15 pieces along these lines, for something "special." I can't really talk about it honestly but it has nothing to do with my current comic work. Occasionally you need to pad out your portfolio. I wanted to add something I wasn't seeing a lot of which was hard to put my finger on. I needed to just attack it visually. To me it always goes back to my fascination with album cover art for some weird reason. That stuff just really stood out to me as a kid.

These were essentially prelims or mock ups for paintings, possibly even something for film or animatics. The one thing I knew was I did NOT want them to be hand drawn. The only way I could see them done by traditional methods would be sort of photorealistic paintings/which I am generally not a fan of. This worked fine and got the basic idea across for what I needed to show.

anyway, I thought of this one as an HP Lovecraft moment. The mad scientist toiling away in his laboratory.....and then.


He did it.

But 'it' wasn't what he thought it was going to be..

Happy Friday.




G said...

Totally badical.

I miss Friday Night Monsters. Actually, I just miss the sheer volume of art (random or otherwise) that we used to get here. I love your promise for this year to be chock full of cool new stuff to peruse. Anyway, keep up the good stuff, Rich.

-- Jonathan

Anonymous said...

Ciao Rich!
I like this. A bit of Dave McKean, but pumped up!
Seems a wise use of liquefy tool of photoshop.
You never know where you can go with the bad experiment...!

Gelatomettista said...

Very cool, Rich. Even if it's not drawn, the image is not only skillfully created but stylistically all yours.



Fochod said...

Nice piece, Rich.
Good luck with your pitch. Are you going to pitch it at Wildstorm, or somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

Because it's monochromatic
and chock full of cryptic detail
I'm having a hard time reading it.

But otherwise, wow, powerfully
psychedelic..and eerie..
it's seriously freakin me out ricH!

RichardFriend said...

haha thanks guys.

a pitch.....yup. I am working away on it.

I'd love to see it published at Wildstorm....Vertigo would be great too.

oh tools and what not. It's about 18 layers of different clip/photo art. Some I took myself, some is like animal bones and objects like that (several spines from snakes you really can't see anymore). I do a lot of cropping and level adjustments.....then I go in with either the stamp tool or smudge tool and really start painting over things. I look for tone and work through composition...these can take a while.

I don't use much else. screw with the color or whatever which is hue or saturation generally.

it's pretty fun. I've got a couple more I did but I'll add them up later...they are a little like cotton candy...a little is plenty.