Saturday, November 04, 2006

WildStorm Signing! - December 3, 2006


I love going to comic book conventions. I get to look for back issues to fill in that hole in my collection, hang out with friends and best of all, meet my favorite creators. And if I'm really lucky, I might even get a great sketch to take home too!

Well, now I'm friends with some of my favorite creators here at WildStorm and we'll all be hanging out at the Shrine Auditorium for December 3rd's Los Angeles Comic Book Convention.

So bring your favorite comics to get signed, take some pics and maybe even get a sketch or two from:

Adam ARCHER - Friday the 13th
Ryan BENJAMIN - Iron Man, Phantom Guard
Carlos D'ANDA - Outsiders, Deathblow
Rich FRIEND - Wetworks, Batman: Confidential
Alé GARZA - Batgirl, Skye Runner
Joel GOMEZ - Nightmare on Elm Street
Sandra HOPE - Justice League of America
JJ KIRBY - Backlash, DV8
Dustin NGUYEN - Batman, Manifest Eternity
Whilce PORTACIO - Wetworks, Batman: Confidential

Seeya there!


EJ Morges said...

I have got to get to the LA side of the continent! I really want to meet Adam Archer! Why isn't that guy drawing Gen13?

I'll be seeing some of the people, not listed here, at the National Convention here in New York!

Fabrizio said...

Ehy guys!
Why don't you teleport here in Europe? At least in the new year?


RichardFriend said...

not 100% sure I am going.....I have a short leash when it comes to me and my art table.



and other drawn stuff said...

i agree with fabrizio.

Legendary said...

Why isn't Talent Caldwell going?!! Doesn't he live in LA!!

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