Monday, November 27, 2006

Christos Gage Signing! - December 3, 2006


The big WildStorm signing is this weeked at the Shrine Auditorium for December 3rd's Los Angeles Comic Book Convention and StormWatch:PHD writer, Christos Gage will be joining us!

Christos has really breathed life back into the StormWatch crew with a mix of old and new characters along with Doug Mahnke, so it'll be great to have him join us for the show. And check out some of his script for the first issue, plus commentary on Newsarama.

Above are all three covers by Doug Mahnke and Trevor Hairsine, respectively, so bring one or all three to get signed!


Vittorio Giorgi said...

Wow, a new template!! Very cool!!!

Samuel Ellis said...

I like your new banner, very sheik.


Fabrizio said...


New header is cool!

Budjette said...


and yes, even MAHNKE ROCKS...
or should i say, MAHNKE IS DA MAN!!!

STORMWATCH PHD is definitely on my must-buy-list. Reminds me of the good ol' days of Warren Ellis' Stormwatch. :)