Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A brand new day...


So I was thinking, again, I know, scary... Anyway, I was thinking about what an exciting time it is in comics now. We may have, at this point in the industry, more talented people putting together projects than anytime in the past.

From Joe Mad coming back, to the occasional Travis Charest sketch that's dropped every once in awhile, it is a great time to be a fan of comic book art. I mean, how kick ass is it going to be seeing J. Scott Campbell and Jeph Loeb doing Spidey? I know I can't wait. Ed Mcguiness, Frank Quitely, Chris Bachalo, Leinil Yu, all these amazing artists putting out amazing work on the regular.

There's even an influx of new talent that promises to keep the good stuff coming! Guys like Karl Kerschl, Mark Brooks, Oliver Coipel, Ivan Ries, all these guys provide some of the coolest stuff you can see in the comic format!

I haven't even mentioned our own head cheese here, Jim Lee, working on two books at the same time?! Or all the other talented mo fo's around here, each with our own little suprises in store! I myself have a plum gig coming up (more info on that a bit later).

All in all though it's exciting, not only to be working in this industry, but to also still be a fan of these little things we call comic books...werd...

"and that's why you leave a note!" PSHOO!PSHOO!


Russ Sheath said...

it is great to see so many great creators working on so many great projects but it saddens me that the awesome creativity that fuelled those guys on their own projects has given way to the 'big two' and that creator owned projects are getting less opportunities than they so rightly deserve. I guess what goes around comes around and maybe we will see a resurgence in Independent Comics and that great creativity in the same way as we did in the early Image days. Keep up the great work Wildstorm.

Neo said...

Your right t is exciting, and to be involved in art for an occupation is such a bonus. I had my artwork on sky news today...waht a buzz
click the link then double click the play button to see the video.

I'm the guy who painted Jims portrait a few months ago.

syrtheone said...

Amen, is all have to say to that!!!

DADICUS said...

How many issues of Skye Runner are left?
I hope the new job is a good fit for you!

G said...

Dude, what's up with the Steelers?!? Not looking good for us so far this season, I'm worried.

danielpicci said...

i completely have to agree ale! there is so much talent in the industry right now it reminds me of the good ol' days of 91 - 92 when the industry was booming...and i think its slowly getting back there. Cant wait for J. Scott Campbells Spiderman! and Joe Mads run on Ultimates!
i feel like a kid in a candy store when i go get comics now coz theres so many good titles coming out!

Fabrizio said...

Yeah, a lot of talents, but many are the legacy of the big scism of Image in early '90s.
It's like seeing the old seeds growing and give a lot of wonderful fruits. As Russ I'm wondering who'll be the next generation of artist. You're in this wave, I think, and I would add Simone Bianchi e Gabriele Dellotto. Coipel is great and your buddy Carlos too. But they're already publishing. Who knows the next young prodigy (just like you? :)

and other drawn stuff said...

Not only for people who are into art, but into good storys as well.
Comics seem to have changed a lot during the last years.
And I god damn love it.

Unknown said...

I so glad i found this blog! And I agree, comics are at an amazing place right now. i love it! and the futuer looks even more promising.


DADICUS said...

Did you guys fall asleep over there it's been a week and a half since the last post...............There are 8 people contributing to this blog and it's pretty darn slow lately?

Sorry but I'm a bigger fan of the blog than MMOG's! LOL

I actually look forward to what you guys say on here.


i was just about to post that, beat me to it, oh well