Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Iron Chef update!

Iron Chef update!
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Hey guys wanted to pop in give a quick update. I'm hoping to get our main event up and going sometime this week! With two guys at the level of Jim and Mike, thier schedules make it a bit harder than usual to line up. But trust me, it will all be well worth the wait!

Above is a little doodle i did of ol bats. Did this one with brush pen, ink wash, and some doc martin dyes. Never really worked in color so this was a good test. My trusty colored blindness makes color very daunting for me. I should be getting some Skye Runner quicktime clips up soon also, so keep an eye out fo that! Talk to ya soon!

"http://aleninja.vidiLife.com" WOOT!WOOT!


Lazlo said...

Ale thats hot. Are you gonna try either Bat-Girl (Babs Gordon) or Robin in the same way. Would be sweet since each has their own style and color scheme to test. But hey, just a suggestion.

Eugene C. said...

Bring more of the The Octopussy Larry Show! That was hella funnie ale

Mike Thompson said...

Solid piece. I like the colors.

Yano said...

You're colorblind? Wow...I learn something new here every day.

ncsunruh said...

Yeah I was surprised by the colorblindness but hey, my dad is colorblind too.
Great Batman too, I like your take on his pouches.

Comic Lover said...

Wow... its amizing