Thursday, November 10, 2005

Absolute Joker and Clear View auction update


Here is an image of the Joker I added into an Absolute Hush for a buddy of mine who was celebrating his 30th birthday (the dedication has been Pshopped out). Joker seems to work especially well here in the endpapers since the color of the paper fits so well with the color of his hair.

Also wanted to add something to the Clear View School auction which is happening this Saturday (scroll down for more info). One regular on the blog--Warren--has offered to throw in an All-Star Batman and Robin RRP edition to anyone who outbids him for the Batman piece below (filed under " 20th Annual Dinner Auction for Clear View School"). So not only do you get the Batman headshot, an additional headshot of your choice from me, but also an ultra-rare RRP edition of All-Star Batman!

Now that's what I call drawing a line in the sand...thanks, Warren


MR FURIOUS said...

sweet!!! happy bidding everyone.

Jon Tsuei said...

Wow, thats big of Mr. Warren. Kudos to everyone involved in this auction!

Dentedbucket said...

I just put my bid in, so good luck everyone!