Tuesday, November 15, 2005

For Yesterday

For Yesterday
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Just got this link recently but some of you may recall during last year's Halloween when a gal up north carved up some pumpkins using my art as reference. Well, she has 2 more very cool carvings up on her blog from this past Halloween. Check em out--they are one of a kind pieces of glowing art and a testament to the power of creativity.


MR FURIOUS said...

nice work!!!

oh yeah, sorry for the late info but if any of you guys are in town (UCLA area), Stan Lee is doing a Q&A session at noon today!

here's the link...


once again, sorry for late notice, but i just got it from a coworker today. and oh yeah, i work downstairs from where he'll be speaking. YAY!!!

bat2supe said...


& another odd place where you can find Jim's art.
Is there a place on earth where we'll never see one of your piece???

P.S: Link doesn't work :)

Onil said...


there was a space after the slash.

Marie said...

^_^ Horrah!

No.. I'm not crazy.. Ok, maybe just a little. Come back to Vancouver!