Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bat Treat

Bat Treat Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

Was in Frankfurt recently for the Frankfurt Book Fair. Was great to be back in Germany and hear the language and see the sights, if only the hotel where I stayed at since I spent most of the 2 days locked away in the convention hall. Bumped into Jeff Smith tho and got caught up and saw once again the power of manga as there were literally hundreds of fans dressed up as characters roaming the site the weekend the Book Fair is open to the public.

Afterwards, I went to Paris for a few days to take a break from all the traveling (San Diego>New York>Frankfurt>back home out of Paris) but dropped in on my friends at Album, one of the best comics shops in the world imo. I finally delivered a sketchbook back to Olivier, the manager there...a sketchbook I had with me since February of this year. It's not something I generally do, mostly cause I am worried that I will lose their sketchbooks (I meant this one had a sketch by Eisner in it!) but he's gone above and beyond many a time for me...

Here is a larger shot; it was done across 2 pages so the middle gutter is a bit blurred and messy but you get the idea. This is sort of the view from the hotel I was staying at, IF you removed the 2 rows of buildings blocking this potentially wonderful view. Here's a closer look.


Chris said...

Mr. Lee,

Great you are visiting germany regularly. I have seen you at last 2004 in Erlangen.

I've mailed you a link today to a short movie I made at your appearance in Erlangen last year.

Keep up the great work!


missleman said...

Jim your BatMan in Germany is on of the coolest pics I've seen in a while, good to hear from you again.

Can you tell us anything about the release of the Pencil edition of AllStar Batman and Robin?

Sam Out-

Ryan Burton said...

Yessir! I dig the background, but as always, it Bats who steals the show. I like how you captured the motion of his cape--as if one's side of it is an actual bat wing, and the other is just a cape. Brilliant.

sdunbier said...

That's a cool drawing.

bat2supe said...

Great pic.Nice to ear again, hope you enjoyed the european tour & more Paris.

Hope you'll come back soon.

Jon Tsuei said...

Great sketch Jim! I always love seeing the pics you post of pieces you've drawn that include detailed backgrounds, especially those of cityscapes. Sounds like that is one helluva sketchbook to flip through.

Brandon said...

Amazing as always...Why DC doesn't bribe you to do Batman full time is beyond me...even if it was just covers. They are missing the boat big time.

Thanks for sharing!

BringerOfStorms said...

Great lookin sketch Boss, keep it up.

Vince said...

The Guys from Album are indeed very cool guys and this the best shop in Paris so far !
I hope you'll be back for a signing soon ! I'll bought the beers !

nohoohboy said...

That is awesome. Are you coming to Los Angeles anytime soon so I can meet one of the G.O.A.T.?

Nor-El said...

vhi Jim

indeed, a very nice Batman painting.
Yes, it was great to see you and talk to you in Frankfurt. Also the discussion was interesting to listen.

The skyline in this sketch is it Paris or Frankfurt? I think it is Paris, right?
Looks like it could be a good scene for BATMAN: EUROPA....! :)
I hope to see soon the comic. And I hope to see in it a lot of beautiful und outstanding places in Europe and maybe some in Germany? Will we?

And hope to see you again in Germany? Erlangen?? This would be great.

all the best

Unknown said...

been a while since i last visted the blog so i am very happy to see a post from jim with a special sketch.

what i like about this one is the sky. i always admired how jim "erases or white outs" stuff to make effects. the cityscape is great! reminds me of my visit to paris back in 2000. the trees in the front somehow remind me of this main thoroughfare in paris but i might be mistaken

Noute said...

Great stuff!!
I need to move to Paris. Or please next time you're in France, visit Lyon. There's an Album shop here too!

kampilanWil said...

Great travel read on your post and awesome Batman sketch as always