Thursday, November 17, 2005

Belated Birthday Treats

Belated Birthday Treats Originally uploaded by Gelatomettista2.

I've had this scan since the summer. It's a birthday gift for a bud of mine; we celebrated during the SDCC but I wanted to get the piece framed so it sat in the office til we saw one another again (couldn't well post it before he saw it in person). We finally got together again so now I can post this sucka online.

He's a big Wonder Woman fan; so much so that his fiancè even resembles Wonder Woman. Some guys get all the luck, right? Anyway, this is the version of Wonder Woman I prefer--big helm, skirt instead of the tights, cape for a more regal pose. And everyone looks cooler standing on a mountaintop.

Here's a closer look.


bat2supe said...

Hi, Jim.

Personnaly, I agree with the skirt even it's not that hard dealing with the tights :)
Not at all with the cape even it's well designed but like before never mind.

Nice pic.

Happy birthday to the guy whoever he is.

antonio said...

You amaze me every time Jim!!Wow!!


crazyfeetmcgee said...

This would make anyone's birthday fan of wonder woman or not. I am also a fan of the skirt, never did like the tights because they always look like trunks. But there is no reason why she can not be wearing star spangled tights underneath the skirt. :)

Bruno Xavier said...

Hi Mr. Lee! I've paid visits to this Blog for a long time, but I never did any comments because I must to admit: I'm just another strager-fan of yours and I even don't know speak english pretty well...
But this Wonder Woman is so 'wonderful' that I must express what it means to me.. Your art is so great and part of my own perception of graphical reality that I love it as so as my own drawings! Be good Mr.*

-Always your best! 'Bruno

Line Medic said...

The tone of the muscles and stance, along with the radiant lips makes it astounding.Ever since Psylock and Uncanny X-men 269(the rememberable cat fight) I started to noticed your delicate detail towards females. You know how to draw all types of dashing women. Whether they are hard working go-getters who are clawing their way to the top with scars to show. Or a royal/high-class bathing beauty. Great stuff and thanks for sharing your images. Enjoy the long Thanksgiving week to come.

Ryan said...

You still amaze me. I have been collecting your comics for fifteen plus years now. You have been a huge influence in my own artwork. Whoever recieved this work as a birthday present, I am jealous. I have quite a bit of your work. I even have a multiplication flash card that you signed. (I found it lying on the ground unsigned while waiting in line during an autograph session). That is however one thing I do not have.. an original Jim Lee piece. Looking forward to the finals of Iron Chef battles.


Drew said...

Very nice. The Superman/Wonderman fight was one of my favorite parts of For Tomorrow (other than the fact that the Fortress Sphere wasn't "break-in"-able since it simply housed a tesseract, but fanboy aside it was great).

I killed the last hour coloring it, I hope you don't mind.


DADICUS said...

It's nice to see the day to day drawings, I bet the person it's for will love it! and how nice of you to frame it!!!!!!

Jim Lee the nicest guy in comics!!!!

Jon Tsuei said...

Wonderful piece Jim. I also have a preference of the skirt over the tights. I was never a fan of the lasso, however I did really enjoy the sword and shield combo you drew Wonderwoman with in your Superman run, but I guess a 'shield of truth' wouldnt work so well eh?

crazyfeetmcgee said...

Yea that brings up something else that I find funny is that she is this amazon based in greek mythology but she has all sorts of American influence like the costume and its colors. When I was younger and didn't know of its powers and history I always use to think she was a cowgirls alter ego or something. Never really ever came across from the outfit that she was amazon princess with a greek mythological background.

Unknown said...

i bet The Cliff Guy would love to have this in his collection!

thanks for sharing it, jim. you have one lucky friend.

Lazlo said...

Very Cool Jim. Anything else i say would be a waste because its just too good.