Monday, February 11, 2008



Much of what I do here at WildStorm involves a fair share of digital work, so with this I really just wanted to go back to basics and do a pencil drawing.

I have to admit that most of my love for the DC Universe comes from the genius of Bruce Timm. Darkseid is a character I always found visually striking but it really took the Superman Animated series for me to become interested in him.

This is my first attempt at drawing Darkseid, and I was trying to go a bit away from the stoic, "arms crossed" pose he's frequently shown in. I was basically just trying to show him as a lumbering piece of living granite that had just turned his eyes toward a very unlucky enemy.

It's always educational drawing a character for the first time, and even now I feel like I have a clearer understanding of how to better approach him next time.

Hope you all enjoy!


syrtheone said...

You know, Darkseid is a bad ass but I feel the same way you do about not being more familiar with him until the animated series. That is actually a great show, it explores things about these characters that often are neglected in the books; often doing a better job. That whole flash beating briniac/lex luthor thing; well done.

Your rendision was pretty good; I agree that you should draw it again though, your on the cusp of something. I mean it, I would like to see you draw him again, soon. Thanks.

Ted.E. Baroody said...

I like your realistic style-take on Darkseid. To be honest, I've been into comics since I was a kid and grew up on Marvel and Image. Mike Turner's run a few years back on Batman/Superman was my first shot at DC ... and Darkseid (other than the Animated Series). Since then I have come to enjoy DC far more than I did as a child.

I always liked Darkseid because he fights for his own beliefs, and he is never one to play second fiddle or be manipulated. He's also one of the few that can take Superman to school. However, I will always support Thanos in the Darkseid/Thanos debate. ;)

Craywulf said...

Interesting illustration, definitely not a typical Darkseid drawing. I think if there's anything that doesn't jibe is that the head looks too symmetrical and misplaced.

I would've had his head facing slightly down but his eyes looking up to see who just too a cheap shot at him.

Still though its a great first attempt. Keep them coming, you're only going to get better.

DC said...

Sweet rendering! Reminds me of Travis Charest's work.


congrats livio on your first, (or is that second?) post :)

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! I appreciate the feedback!