Thursday, February 21, 2008

The New Dynamix #268


Guess who's coming to WonderCon? Jim Lee, JJ Kirby, Oliver Nome and Livio Ramondelli are all heading up to the City by the Bay this weekend! You can find us in Artist's Alley at AA101-103.

Of course, Jim will also be appearing in so many different places at the con, you'll think we cloned him. So keep an eagle-eye out for him throughout the con, especially at the DC booth, Artist's Alley and other panels too.

Oh, and I almost forgot! The above image is Jim's variant cover to The New Dynamix #1 in stores March 5 written and drawn by Allen Warner and JJ Kirby, respectively. Can you guess which cover it also pays homage to?


J0hnny Mn3m0nic said...

nice! i was just talking to scott williams about that cover, well the one it pays homage to.

DC said...

X-Men 268! Black Widow, Wolverine and Cap!

I remember getting that cover signed. And 248 too!

Do I get a No Prize?

Unknown said...

looks sweet can't wait

Brandon O'Donnell said...

Looks awesome.

Jason Johnson said...

Loved that cover, and this one rocks, too. Jim da man, no question.

EricCallen said...


I can't wait for this series!

When I learned you guys are going to be bringing back old school WS characters, this old school WS fan flipped!

I have been reading WS since it's inception and I have a lot of fond memories of the old books.

(Is why I'm really digging Christos' stuff...)

I can't wait to see who is going to be showing up!!


mic? said...

Classic homage!




same here bro, same here :)

Anonymous said...

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