Thursday, February 28, 2008

WonderCon 2008


Just wanted to thank everyone that stopped by our tables in Artist's Alley and the DC booth for commissions, sketches, and sketchbooks. Pictured above are myself, Allen Warner and JJ Kirby at the DC booth.

WonderCon and San Francisco was a blast once again! :)


gdeo said...

hey oliver...thanks for the Hellboy sketch...i hope that you had a great time at the con!

Unknown said...

It's allways nice to have a lot of fans!!! XD I would have go there if I live nearly, but I´m from Spain!! har har!! (You'll notice that in my awfull english)

Nice artwork, but sorry, I can't recognice who she is!!! I can't remember ALL the names of the Legion!!! har har!!!

Fabrizio said...

Eh, Oliver, you're great!!!


John Learned said...

hey oliver,

i noticed that you got a special thanks cred in the new issue of deathblow. did you work on the book at all? just curious
glad the con was a good time

mic? said...

Glad you had fun, Oliver! Dope Phantom Girl piece!

Thanks to WS for comin' through and reppin' for your Bay Area fans for '08! I kinda miss seein' your booths placed next to the porno chicks, though. lol!

It was a pleasure to spectate JJ in the process o' finishin' that sick, sick open-collared Nightcrawler joint for CBLDF. Jim MURDERED us w/ the incredible Colossus piece he did.

Eddy didn't lie, though... Jim was literally EVERYWHERE! He is our universe's Superman fa sho. Thanks, Jim!



Eh Oliver, your great times a jabillion to infinity!!!