Wednesday, December 06, 2006


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I know how much Eddy loves my non-comic posts so I thought I'd make the title at least comic fan friendly.


this piece is actually called 'seer'. It's based on reading bones...although I've heard it's not actually a bone.




Anonymous said...

I cannot comment just one post that you do another!! This is a telepatic link that cross an ocean!

Anyway, reading bones is a cool thing. Why not a warm colour version with strange shaman symbols all around???


RichardFriend said...

Hey I read both your posts so I'll combine the answers here.

These actually are not x-ray images or inverses of the art. I play with the balances and generally and I am darkening more than pulling out hot spots. I do hit it brighter at the very end.

Most of these are very close to my original pics.

as for the colors. I am in a blue/green mood lately. I think I am waiting for winter and rain......and I am sick of the warm days here in San Diego/

I'm going for something cold...and maybe a little distant. Kind of like you walked in on the middle of something very weird going on..


I was mentioning to Carlos there's a really fine line between doing something like that looks silly and something that looks cool with this type of art.

It's not easy.



Anonymous said...

Yes, it's a run on a razor line. But I think that the difference between silly and cool is in feeling and expression. Feeling links to the world of emotion and expression to the world of meaning.

People that usually work on images have a special instinct of reading and building images. So it's obvious that a guy like you, even without working too much on a pix, is able to reproduce the good effect.
It's a matter of eye.

These days I'm working with layer masks and brushes. It's amazing the effect you can obtain with an organic form like a leave and fading or burning pictures.

Ciao Rich, the blue mood works!