Monday, December 18, 2006

Deathblow #2 - Lost & Found


After being MIA for six years, Deathblow's having a little trouble readjusting to civilian life. So much so, that even the word ballons are against him.

This panel from the bottom of page two had the tail, but no words or balloon. And yes, the irony of those words aren't lost on any of us.



very ironic

Anonymous said...

God bless mistakes, Eddy!

How about Richard? It's days since the last post...

Greetings and hope you'll all have in Wildstorm studio great Xmas holidays


Neo said...

What a beauty! It's hard to take Deathblow seriously after a gaff like that. You should make a gagreel/bloopers montage of the cock-ups you guys have made over the years. I'd love to see it :-)
p.s Eddy, The Windass portrait I painted raised £1300 :-)


Anonymous said...

There is a lettering error in issue 1, too.

When Cray shot the guy through his "cage", the word ballon is pointing to the wrong person.

LOVE the books!!

THIS is how ya do a relaunch.

Keep up the great work, guys!!