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Mixtionary Madness!

Mixtionary Madness!
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My friends John Nee and Scott Lobdell (with their friend Mia Christou) have a book that's come out from IDW called Mixtionary. It's a bunch of funny words that they made up to describe situations in life. Each one is illustrated by supremely and diversely talented Shawn McManus.

For those of you who don't know, Nee was my right hand guy at WildStorm and ran the business side of things there until he moved to New York a few years back to take over Business Development for DC Comics. A lot of people that know John casually think he's a pretty humorless bottom line oriented guy who takes an apparent unholy glee at making tough business decisions. If you know him well, he's a pretty laid back guy with a cutting sense of humor.

You all know who Lobdell is. We worked on X-men together and he's been in WildStorm's writer stable from nearly the beginning. He's written comics for 18 years and has been doing a lot of work in Hollywood of late. He used to do Stand Up comedy which is obvious if you have ever read his punchy but moving scripts.

I have never met Mia, but it seems like she's the Equator (with Lobdell and Nee as the North and South poles in this bunch). From her podcast on their myspace page, I gather that she's Englsh and it looks like she was the female in their Electric Company parody video.

OK, so yes, I am giving a review and plug for my friend's book, but I have to say this was one of the cleverest reads I have had in a long time. They have made up words like EMAULED (email + mauled). We all know what that is. EBAYSIVE (ebay + evasive) is one I have personal experience with. My favorite, however, is MANTIQUES (man + antiques): like most of you, I have my long boxes of comics that I have been collecting my whole life, GI JOE figures, ok....I also have a life sized Storm Trooper and Darth Vader. All my prized possessions that I will not get rid of. Not sure I would classify them as antiques but you get the drift...

This book looks like it would make a great gift for any Fan Boy's significant other (read Civilian!)

Check out their profile and website at:

Myspace Mixtionary
Mixtionary Homepage

They are running a sweepstakes to create your own words there too. Have fun!


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Anonymous said...

Ciao Jim!
I would create a Committee for the Preservation of the MANTIQUES!

I'm 25 and I already have a huge amount of collected stuff. My Optimus Prime is untouchable...

Anyway, when my room has no more space available, I always consider the existence of the BIDIOTS!

I love BIDIOTS...