Tuesday, December 05, 2006


(entry ricH)

for the past...I dunno year or two I have experimented a lot with art. It's been curious at times learning about my own personality, attitudes, and interests working with a more stream of consciousness approach to my work...it's not always pretty or comfortable to go through it. I avoid certain themes because I don't always know if I want to spend time thinking about all the darker experiences in life. That said;

I am working on a lot of dark mixed media pieces right now and it's been compelling to create this type of imagery. This piece is just a test image for personal use...and I am really only scratching the surface of what I am going after, but it's important to put it out there/..let people know what I am doing...eventually these will be paintings but for now it's more about creating the ideas and putting things together.


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Anonymous said...

Just to talk about your last post...

My university class. One of the prettiest girl in my course is discussing about a project with my teacher. The man sits next to the table. She's bent forward to the teacher. I'm behind her, looking at the best ass-sight in my life.


:-D lol

Anyway, this image is really impressive. X-ray images creates a lot of good effects and with photoshop is also easy to change the colours, having different effects and mood!
Illustrations of many White Wolf books share this style.

Ciao, Rich

Very sorry for your cat...