Monday, July 17, 2006

San Diego 2006 Prints: Richard Friend

(entry Rich)

I wanted to mention before the con that I am doing quite a few different prints that will be available at SDCC. I have the comic stuff, I have some illustration pen and ink type work, and then some of the more 'out there' stuff (see attached pic) They are all full size 11X17 and a nice way to get high quality reproductions of the art I have been doing.

This piece was painted really late at night. I had sketched out a doodle of the idea I wanted to draw a few hours earlier. Then when I got home around 1 am, I penciled the doodle out on some art board, and started painting it up. It's basically a horrific version of a late night stroll. I always kind of pictured New Orleans for some reason but maybe it's London. It's a bit of a tribute to walking home in the middle of the night. I have had many, many late night walks home where the imagination takes a hold of you and you get those chills up your spine...I thought this was a nice way of expressing some of those feelings.

you can peep a lot more of the new prints:


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Inkblotz said...

Looks cool Rich.

Can't wait to see waht you and all the WS guys are gonna have.

See ya there.