Monday, July 17, 2006


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If you print it, they will come...

...heheh, whaddup y'alls! How's it goin'?

Things have been REALLY hectic at the studio lately, between trying to get our 'day job' done, prepping stuff for the San Diego ComicCon AND doing our own 'comic book work'. Sometimes, there's just not enough time in the day, BUT somehow we managed to get our stuff together to create the first official GELATOMETTI sketchbook.

It was a lot of fun putting together and designing the last two PH4 sketchbooks, so designing this one almost felt like I was doing the third PH4 one, but bigger and with more cooks in the kitchen, heheh. Designwise, there are some similarities, and Jim dug what I had done with the graphic design of the PH4 stuff, so I kept it along the same lines...what can I say, I LOVE the cluttered, industrial, punk rock look! (^_^)

...anyway, see this banner? Look for it in Artist's Alley (FF10-FF16) to easily find the Gelatometti crew and pick up a copy or two (or twenty) of the sketchbook from Eddy. And if anybody's interested in commissions from: Bermejo, Ryan, JJ, Alé, and I, feel free to post below to get in on the list before the show starts and the list fills out. The 'madness' starts on Wednesday! :)



dave-100 said...

Great Banner Carlos! If we're talking commissions, can I get on your list for a Deathblow and can I get on Bermejo's list for a World's Finest (Bats-Supes). Thanks Buddy, see ya in SD!

RichardFriend said...

""but bigger and with more cooks in the kitchen""

whew~~~!....when I first read that Carlos, I thought it said somthing else.


yes Carlos is the master of the WS sketchbook...and he's quite handsome. A true double threat/





mic? said...

Shoulda known who done it! Yet another remarkable design, Carlos! Really diggin' yo' style, dude!

lol... and that banner's maaad ridiculous!! T-shirts...!?! :D I would rock that.

More exclamation points --->!!!!!


Fabrizio said...

Yes: madness start on wednesday, 'cause on wednesday is the last day of exams week, here in university of Torino! So please: all of you, while you'll be completely surrounded by screaming fan and HOT GALS, just waiting for a sketch... well... for a second... think of all your european fan (and maybe think of me, presentin a cursed flash movie to a merciless teacher :)
Hope you'll have fun in SDCC!

Greetings from Italy!


Rob Harper said...

Hi All,
Looking forward to the Con and the Sketchbook. If you're taking commissions, I'd like to get on Bermejo's list. Ultimate Captain America.


Jon Tsuei said...

What're you guys charging for commissions this year?

Andy Ihnatko said...

Oh, DUDE! Put me on your list and Ale's.

I'm not attending, but a friend of mine is (he's working there all week) and just an hour or two ago, I emailed him with a list of artists to commission, with you and Ale both at the top of the list. "Head straight for Gelatometti the first day," I said.

I would love to get Tigras from both of you for my theme collection ( My pal JH will have a sheet of character reference if you're not terribly familiar with the details of the character.

Coolness! The week just got better.

-- A.

syrtheone said...

What's up with the disgusting skull and bones banner though, I hate it quite frankly. It seems very negitive. I very much disapprove.

Someone could read this as you outing yourselves as skull and bones affiliates or are you....

Andy Ihnatko said...

Oh, and JJ too...! I didn't even know he was gonna be there.

I hope this doesn't seem pal has been so nice to run all over the show year after year and it'd be incredibly cool if I could give him one-stop (well, two stops; one to drop off the reference and one to pick up the art) shopping. Plus, you guys were my top picks.

-- A.

wasb5 said...

pretty cool

wasb5 said...

but i would like it better if it wasn't so gothic

Jon D said...

I like the skull and cross pencils. Its kind of a: we are the pirates of the sea lol. Well sea of artists and creators. If only I could be in the USA I would make it my mission to be at comic con.


Lane said...

Lookin good!
I'd appreciate it if you could put me on Bermejo's list (Grifter). Will be dropping by the booths as soon as possible to say hi and pick up those amazing sketchbooks! See ya soon!!!

Toby said...

Hey Guys,

Can't wait to pick up the new sketchbook, looks awsome! I'd like to be on the list as well -

Lee - Sin City's Marv & Nancy
Carlos - Gambit
Ryan - Black Cat

Thanks! I'll drop by starting thursday.

Toby said...

BTW Carlos, the banner rocks! I'm totally w/ the dude w/ the t-shirt idea, i think it be awsome!

spinkick said...

yo carlitos! Any chance you could tell us comission prices for SDCC? thanks!