Monday, July 10, 2006

Inking With Hope


Our very own Sandra Hope recently did an online interview for the Pulse.

On her humble beginning into the world of comics, she says, "The whole thing was just an experiment. My break into the business was a fluke. I was extremely surprised when I got a call from Homage Studios [after the convention]."

Follow the link to find out what would make her a happy girl.


Marvin Durán said...

sometimes Sandra's inking looks a little weird on Lee's inks. But this piece is beautiful.

great job, S.!

mic? said...

Sandra's one o'my favorite inkers hands down. Fast and effective. Fluke or no fluke... I'm glad she got up in the industry.


antonio said...

SANDRA In case you are reading this!!
Congratulations on your interview and the other is that I really loved your stuff since all those old humberto ramos times....
please ink more stuff from Lee.


dustin nguyen said...

ive read somewhere online that Sandra Hope is actually 3 or 4 of Wildstorm's top inhouse inkers working under an alias.

all part of WS's attempt to widen the readership of females in comics- but it turned out more guys were paying attention. I heard they even hire hot asian models to pose as her at conventions.

any truth to this eddy?

Urban Barbarian said...

superb inking.

Fabrizio said...

Ciao a tutti i Geltomettisti!!!

In Italy we're all crazy now because SIAMO CAMPIONI DEL MONDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

So, just to make you enter this joy of us, for Jim, Eddy, Sandra and ALL the Wildstorm Studio....




Neo said...

Sandra Hope
Talent,looks and personality!!!???
Amazing :-)Hats off to the lucky fella who gets her inkerest :-)

Remi said...

nice, now thats a nice pic. great ink miss sandra. what?...yeah yeah you two jim.