Sunday, July 30, 2006

Convention crowds


The San Diego Comic-Con's been over for a week now, but I'm still having flashbacks of crowded fans as far as I can see. For a glimpse of the con, the above pic was taken Saturday afternoon when it was pretty much impossible to walk through the aisles of Artist's Alley or anywhere else for that matter. The Gelatometti Sketchbooks were popular sellers throughout the weekend and it was great to put some faces to online names throughout the con.

Thanfully, this weekend's been a quiet breather as WizardWorld Chicago starts up with their first Preview Night this Thursday and I'll be back in the Windy City with more sketchbooks to sell too, filling in for Alé Garza at his Artist's Alley table. And if you just can't make it out to Chicago, I'll also have some more sketchbooks for sale here afterwards, so everyone will have a chance at getting a copy or two.

Seeya in Chicago!


Tom said...

Man, I wish I could attend these huge Cons. I wen to Heroes Con this summer and it was a blast. San Diego appears to be on a totally other level though.

Glad to hear there will be some sketchbooks for fans who can't actually make the shows.

mic? said...

Thanks, Eddy! I'll see you @ Chi-Town... or Rosemont, actually. lol


Horizon Images said...

Yay I cant wait to get my hands on one those babies!

See you guys at Chicago!

orgullo-vikingo said...

Hi guys, people everywhere jus't can't wait to have the book in our hands, so keep some copies for the loyal ones.

See you!

Fabrizio said...

Sigh! Here in Italy conventions are not so huge! But we had the chance to meet Jim in Mantova. Anyway, we have many hope for Lucca Comics:this here it'll take place in the historical centre of the city. Looking for comics under the magic building of renaissance!
This is cool!


Fabrizio from Italy

MERARI said...

I got some good video footage from the san diego con.. about an hours worth.. it's pretty dope too..

i got rbenjamin and kirbature lending they're passes to get my whole crew in..1 at a time.

not to mention how many honies were jockin cause my guest pass said "professional" and "artpimp"

it's cool knowing cats up in the industry.. cause even though i don't know ish bout how to draw...

heads'll still ask me to give them pointers on they're art, just off the strength of soul mechanic asociation..

the ish cracks me up everytime..

i got all you gelatometti cats on tape at your booth- swamp't with fanboys and what not..

i don't know why they were jockin' you cats so hard..

i guess they didn't see the honies roamin' around that piece

the only person at your table i was peepin out was SANDRA HOPE..
she's well drawn if you catch my drift..

moving on..
i got the video for ya'll to check out..

hit up Kirby or benjamin if your interested..


mic? said...

^You ain't knowin' why cats jock these heads so hard? LOL... you need to give up one o' those passes to me then. :D

And I can't belie'e there were honeys @ a hybrid ass/taco meat-smellin' comic con. I'll need photographic proof... preferably money-shots. ;]


Yano said...

Awesome...I'll be picking up one of those sketchbooks...see ya there!

MERARI said...

Yo Meek,

These cats can draw, but damn it ain't that serious..

if you didn't see no honies..
then you musta been jockin' "them dudes" juss a lil' too hard-
ya think?

anyways, since when does taco-meat smell bad?

..juss fk'n w/ya

i got those money shots if you wanna see'em..

and contrarie to popular belief..
there are hotchicks who dig comics..

look at YANO for example..


mic? said...

^LOL! Right on, WillisBerg!

But yeah man, these cats work w/ the illest artist in the game, man. ILLEST. All-Time. So it says a lot about 'em and how they work.

hahah... yeah I didn't come out to Daygo though so I'm-a see what's up @ Chicago other than the chicks @ the porno booths if they even got 'em there. lol...

I just read somewhere that someone thought SDCC smelled like ass and taco meat rolled up into one so I'm-a lea'e that alone.

Get @ me w/ the money shots, though!! ;D I'll see what I could get away w/ @ Chi-Town. lol...

And YANO is hot. But rare. The types o' chicks I see around the Bay that actually like comics are either goth or look like Gert from the Runaways. LOL... google her if you ain't familiar.

Easy, mang!


MERARI said...

Not Just In The Yay Meek..

those busted goth types be loathin round the comic con here too..

but see, i gotta force-field for when they're stank-@$$e$ come into range..

it's called soap.

nonono! they don't like that ish-
thats's like givin' Lastat some garlic pills..

and yes.. when it gets hot and crowded in the summer time- that old building will get a lil funky..

that can be a theory as to why them nocturnal creatures from the grave come to migrate for 3-4 days..

but, back to what you were saying bout how these heads here work with the illest m/f's in the game and what not..

i fully agree with ya playa- the words you wrote are very true..

but when you see a dude get all up in a brothas personal space- man, something gotta give.. feel me?

lastly, i'm looking into how i can share that footage w/ya'll online..

hold tight

mic? said...

LOL @ soap

Yo... I'm fixin' to just come prepared w/ a bottle o' Febreze. Think I'm playin'? lol... I 'unno how they do in the MidWest so I gotta come prepared. I'll do a lil' recon on Friday and if'n it stank, I'm-a spray that all around me the rest o' the weekend. L!

Oh... and I fully agree w/cha then, too, 'bout a brotha's personal space. I mean, I feel it when heads give folks their due respect and props, but do so, give ya daps and go about cha way. Give them dudes space to breathe and ish. That's some heavy "stick"-ridin' to be clingin' on someone's pair for a while and too closely. Way too much.

Well, off to get ready for my flight in the mornin'. Lookin' forward to that footage, though! Try 'cause I think they do video hosting now, too. Check you out in a week, playa'!



Yano said...

Hey, there's a lot of hot fan girls! (err, I'm not one of them :-P) Every year I see more and more pretty chicas at the comic conventions. If you want more, give a gal pal a tpb to check out...they don't know what they're missing, you just need to find the right comic to hook 'em in.

As for that fanboy stank, yeah, that's one of the negative things about cons. Me and my sister counted 19 times when someone smelled so bad we choked last year at WWC. Irish Spring should hand out free samples.

I was at WWC this year on Saturday (couldn't go all 4 days this year) and I didn't see anyone selling the book. That was one of the few things that I had money allocated for!!! :(

mic? said...

Aww... sorry you still didn't get a chance to cop one, Yano. I woulda sold you one o' the ones I got, but you were swamped w/ internet fans. lol!

Great advice. Maybe I will try to suck some good lookin' chicks into this thing. I'll try giftin' 'em the Runaways. E'erybody loves the Runaways, anyway. 8]

And you ain't never lied about soap. I was hopin' against hope that it wouldn't be funky, but I've been surrounded by stank @ least 4 times throughout the weekend. I threw up a lil' bit in my mouth 2 o' those times.

WonderCon was better!! @ least it smelled better. :D ;] Come out to the Bay next yurr, convention heads!