Saturday, April 14, 2007

Opening the Book

(entry Rich)

This is probably one of the most terrifying posts I've ever made. I had this crazy idea and I played with it here a while back but I think it's time for me to reactivate it.

I decided I would document the rest of my journey into penciling comics right here. This leaves me really exposed and I honestly can't express how nervous this makes me. I am a pretty private person and my art is like the ultra extension of that. It's something that's always been mine and something I've used to express myself. Showing all the behind the scenes stuff is like peeling off my skin in some ways. But I think in the long run it will make me a stronger artist, and that's my goal. So the pain now will be worth it (hopefully) a year or two from now.

So every 2 to 3 days I'll be posting here everything I am working on. I'll be showing each step of the process, the flubs, and I guess successes along the way. At my deviant site you'll be able to get daily updates. I don't want to bog this place down with too many posts.

Some facts and a little background about me before we get started:

Although I have been involved in comics...I have not read a comic in almost 2 and half years. I had to work hard just to remember the last comic I read. I think it was Danger Girl/Batman. I did reread a few Hellboy issues about 3 weeks ago but other than that I haven't followed comics in a long, long time.

I've been penciling for 3 years now. I had about a 6 month spell recently when a family pet feel ill that I didn't draw at all. So it really adds up to about 2.5 years I've been working on my stuff. I am proud of what I've achieved so far because I know how much work it was to go from not being able to draw or finish anything(literally) to doing some ok pieces.....but I have a LONG way to go with my comic art. (and that's why I am doing this)

Here's some completely crazy info: I never have drawn Wolverine, Daredevil, Captain America and probably 95% of any other comic characters out there. I have maybe drawn Spider-man, Batman, and Wonder Woman two times. I've done 9 drawings of Voodoo and I think that's my world record. I have drawn 8 sequential pages in my life (all were published). I don't sketch, I just do finished drawings. I think that's all important to add just to kind of show how at square one I am starting. I am going to attempt to break MANY if not ALL of these terrible habits....and I hope people can learn from my experiences.

I think that's plenty for now. I'll be back Monday morning with some more work but again you can follow this daily at my deviant page:


This image was just something to put up so I could get this whole thing going. I ran into my office and gave myself 10 minutes to sketch a piece out to add to this post. It's not anything but randomness. Wish me luck on this, I am going to need it.



Raphael said...

best of luck rich! i've always been nervous to show people any drawings i've worked on, so i know how you feel when you say you're nervous. having, said that, you've been putting up amazing stuff for months, so i have no doubt you'll be successful :)

Winterbourne said...

I am super-excited that you're going to do this! It's a huge leap of faith.

Woo! Go rich!

Anonymous said...

It is going to be interesting to see you through this process and see if it matches up with my own experience in trying to step up to the next level in my artwork...

check out my sketchblog... ( of work through the same thing in putting myself out there for people to critique. However unlike you, I have never worked professionally within comics.

I will be rooting for ya!



"I played with it here a while back but I think it's time for me to reactivate it."

right on!

its nice to have this back again

its what i prefer

getting in the mind of a creator

i'll be here and there on dviantart checking

i wish you could convince more pros to do this, it would help us all greatly

thankx rich

RichardFriend said...

I am glad to do it. It puts a lot of pressure on me and it's pretty unorthodox but you know.... I am who I am. I don't try and be someone I am not.

This isn't something I am copying from some other comic artist. I don't know of anyone who's done this. It's very intimidating and you know I have a huge target on me. 'A professional learning in public' weird. I know that. I also think it's interesting.

Inking is NOT drawing comics and it doesn't prepare you to draw comics. It is two completely different worlds. If what I am saying was untrue there'd be NO inkers. They'd all be penciling.

I started to learn to draw NOT to get work (clearly if you look at all the random crap I've done)

I draw because I like art. I am really into art. I work hard because I want to see what I can do. I am not trying to be anything but the best artist I can be.

I want to share the experience now with a focus on comic work. People can come along for the ride. If you read my posts completely, you'll see just how raw and untrained I am. I hope this helps you. I hope that shows you...."ok this guy sucks at this...but he's getting better"

No one is helping me on this. I've done this all on my own up to this point. I actually don't want help right now. I study on my own, I make up stupid exercises on my own. This is all me....the good and the bad.

thanks very much for posting, following this silly thing, and for anyone who's ever supported me. I want to draw comic for you and that day is coming soon.


Fabrizio said...


Seems like I have to cut a finger now!! lol :-D

I agree with comixguy.

I'm very excited too.

I think I have a lot to learn from you. ;-)



Anonymous said...

Hey Rich, good luck. I remember the first time you did something similar, it was educating. Look forward to reading your posts.

Willik0 said...

Good stuff Rich, I been to your deviant art site. I really like your original characters and abstract stuff. They make me want to draw more. The way you render people is very real and tight. Very professional if you ask me.
Your brush work on hair is really tough to do. Any secrets you can share?

Fochod said...

Good luck Rich. I'll look forward to your posts and drawings.