Thursday, January 31, 2008

Digital drawing 2

(entry ricH)

Here's another.



Jon said...

I love the contrast of the loose brush strokes and the really sharp ones (like the red accents).

I'm diggin the loosness overall.

Keep 'em comin' Rich!

Requius said...
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Requius said...

This one's cool man.

Urban Barbarian said...

Interesting stuff Rich. You always seem to be experimenting. This one looks like a jedi to me for some reason. Darth Rich, perhaps?

Unknown said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my!!! I didn't know this awesome blog, but now, I can't leave without it!!

I've been redading comics, and drawing, since y was a tiny cell inside my mother, and to me, this blog is a very important discovery!!

(please, sorry my english =P)

I'll be very thankfull if one of you take a look at my blog an comment one of my drawings... pleeeeease!!!

I've working as advertising and animation artist since 8 years ago, but I love comics over all!!


Blasterkid said...

I posted a reply last night but there was a glitch and it got lost.


anyways thanks very much for the posts guys. I hate when I post stuff up and there's no feedback...good or bad, critical, helpful, it's all cool to hear and you all inspire me to keep plugging ahead.

Jon, thanks man. I was going for very loose and suggestive so you hit that right on the head. I am finding drawing this way very appealing and I am interested to see what it will bring back to my tighter work or coloring over comic drawings as I merge the two things.

Steven. you always rule and I find you feedback always interesting and a real push to work harder so thanks for popping up and posting/

Dan. Thanks also for posting. I've seen some of the work you've been doing the last few years and it's great. I really like the direction your working so keep it up. I think for me the experimenting is really important. I basically teach myself a lot of these thing and I am internally driven to follow my gut on what I should might seem random but I do have an ultimate thing I am heading towards...I just show all the individual ingredients as I am aquiring them.

I think I do show that random process more than most and I am not scared to post a first attempt at something. These last two pics are my first drawn piece on the computer. I can barely control the wacom at this point and the keys I am just starting to remember....I like to show how shitty I am at something to I guess show the growth curve. I am not really sure. I knew I needed to come back here and this is the stuff I am working this is where I am jumping back in.

serialkid. I hope you enjoy the blog and I will check out your site. thanks for the link.


thanks again guys for the posts it means a LOT!

Fabrizio said...

Ciao Rich!

Always good stuff.
Looks like a haunted knight or similar.
I like it


Pimpf said...

the first time I saw your drawing it made me think of a character from Dune - maybe a Fremen ... maybe because of the motion and movement in the clothes and protection he seems to wear.

But just after reading some of the comments, it's true it also has some star wars / jedi knight feeling with the sword in the hand helping for that . But really nice drawing, with the black background it really stands out really well with the effect of light on character it's a nice drawing ;) keep providing some more :)


hey bud,

keep up showing us your learning curve, it's nice to know that you struggle just as hard as us non-pros as well as your general thoughts on your process as your going through it and make some vids man