Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wonder Woman Day II


Here is a piece I just finished a few minutes ago for the Wonder Woman Day 2 charity auction in New Jersey on Oct. 29.

I love the tones and contrasts you can get from working on the gray paper. As for the minor redesign, it's just me adding some of my flavor to an iconic heroine.

Now, as for my pick for who should be cast as Wonder Woman...Britney Spears. She's already hit rock bottom a few times and this would be a great way for her to make a real comeback. Plus, she looks decent as a brunette and just needs to get back in pre K-Fed shape. We know she has the acting chops and she would do a killer theme song!

Go Britney! Holla!


camryn said...

Good stuff :) What kinda paper is the grey stuff?

Yano said...

We know she has the acting chops

Yeah, she was robbed when she wasn't nominated for an Academy Award when she did "Crossroads". ;-)

mic? said...

Nice take. Awesome shield!

I can only see Sh*tney Spears play Etta Candy... although w/ panties.


"Leave her alone!!"


Wesley Riot said...

britney spears?!? seriosuly?!?!

A Rebel said...