Wednesday, October 10, 2007



What up kirbyites? I heard they were in production on a new Thundercats CGI movie and it made me want to post my own picture.

I loved the cartoon and did it back in the day when I heard WildStorm was going to do the book. Enjoy the flavors.


DC said...

Cool! Panthro was my favorite character. Did you hear that Jerry O'Flaherty – art director on Epic's Gears of War will be director?



dogboy443 said...

Very cool piece. NIce dynamics. Didn't Ed McGuiness do some covers on the comic?


Tom said...

New computer animated Thundercats? That sounds pretty cool. I love your rendition of the Cats!

How can I get a copy of your Kirbyland sketchbook???

Urban Barbarian said...

These cats must have Gold's Gym memberships! Bueno, Kirby!

Anonymous said...

I need to be honest. This Lion seems to be inspired in Willen DaFoe's face... Doesn't work. When I think in Lion's face, I think in Mel Gibson's face at Lethal Weapon movie.
Isn't the same hair?