Thursday, October 04, 2007

La Jolla Landslide


Little more than ten minutes away from the studio, this was the scene, Wednesday, Oct. 3rd, and thankfully, everyone here is safe and sound.


Blasterkid said...

It's about 10 blocks from my house maybe less.




I am ok though. I don't live on the hill.

Brian said...

As soon as I saw this on the news I thought about you guys. Glad to hear you are all okay.

Remi said...

Its a landslide really? Looks like the road collapsed from under. thats bad

Blasterkid said...

it's a pic as it was happening. If you look you can see that blue house (bottom right) is kinda crooked...)

That one I think went right down the hill a few hours later. It sank down about 15 feet (the road) and it's about 50 feet wide when that pic was taken. It got worse as the day went on. I think 9 houses were destroyed.

There's all kinds of fault lines running through San Diego...sort of scary but I've lived here my whole life so you sort of get used to hit. Those neighborhoods up there are really mellow residential areas. They call them million dollar homes which is true but they are mostly small older houses that have been there for about 40 to 50 years.


mic? said...

Glad to read y'all folks and the studio were safe. Ditto w/ Brian... I saw this on the news and thought about y'all.



glad you guys are alright