Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Year!


I laughed out loud when Carlos drew this because I thought he captured my attitude pretty well and of course, my love of comics.

Anyway, I just realized I've been here for a little more than a year now and everyday still holds something new for me! The last year's been fun and I know there's still a lot more coming up too.

P.S. I just sent out almost forty Gelatometti Sketchbooks on Monday, so thanks for everyone's orders. We had fans from all over America and as far away as Europe, Asia and Australia too! And we also have more copies for anyone who'd still like to order one too, so please contact me to order one today. Thanks!


SteveW said...

Thanks for sending the sketchbooks out ,I just received my copies from the Ryan Benjamin sketchbooks and they contain some amazing stuff . Can't wait to admire the sketches from the Gelatometti book .

Kevin said...

Hey Eddy,

I e-mailed you last week about ordering one out of the Paypal system. Is that OK?



| rc | said...

Received mine yesterday in perfect condition! Thanks again Eddy! Also, thanks for the little extra goodies as well :D.

The sketchbook is awesome!

Brandon said...

Got my sketchbook is so worth it! Thanks to Eddy and everyone else who contributed. This thing is slick...Great job!


DC said...

Wow it's been one year already?! Flew by quick.

Yano said...

Phew...I was going to email you to see if you got my check. Can't wait to get my sketchbook!

dustin nguyen said...

wow man, a year. how time glides. congrats man.

mike choi said...

Congratulations man. How time is fun when you're having fly.

The other Choi.

No, the other one.