Friday, July 17, 2009

Comic-Con isn't a joke, ya'lls...


Hello everyone, hope all is well and hope those of you who are going to Comic-Con are ready for the non-stop craziness! All of us artist's here at Wildstorm are scrambling to get things ready for the show, we'll probably be scrambling to the last minute;)

Anyhoo, I posted this 'Joker' piece I did a lil while back and my bud Eddie Nunez did a fantastic job of coloring it and we'll be selling it as an exclusive 'Comic-Con 09' print, the first one that I've done that way. There will only be fifty printed and numbered, so stop on by and get yers, if not, stop on by and say hi!

Hope to see you guys!

1 comment:

meek? said...

Turned out great! The lil' details on the collar brings it on home for me. Great collabo, guys!

Have fun @ the "Marathon"!