Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ladies of DC


Hey all hope everyone is ready! The Comic-Con is upon us and this year is looking like it's gonna be one to remember...Oh, be sure to check for me in Artist's Alley in my new relocted table, I willl now be amongst my fellow WildStorm studiomates in DD-09... so stop by say hi, and pick up a print or two.

Hope to see you guys at the show!



meek? said...

I haven't seen that Batwoman before! Very nice, Joel!!

I really dig the "vampire-esque" take. I'm on a JH Williams kick right now. That guy's muy increíble!

Have a great time @ the Con!


Gelatomettista said...

Thanks, man...hopefully we'll see you next year!

MARY said...

WUUUUAAAAAUUU AMAZING LADIES!!!I love everything you do :D:D:D