Monday, July 20, 2009

Carlitos Toy Fund!!!


Hey y'alls, all of us here at the studio are 'revvin' the engines' with both fear and happiness at the inevitable arrival of the Con... a few more days and BOOM... madness starts once again! (^_^)

Anyway, I had a few days without nutty deadlines so it gave me time to work on a few pieces before the show, and yup, they are all available for sale for anyone interested in giving to the 'Carlitos Toy Fund' some umhhh.... well, funds! ...I will have all these with me at the show if you're interested.



p.s. The 'Hulk vs. Thing' piece still needs a liiiiittle bit more work, but you get the idea! :)


Anonymous said...

Great artwork. How much for the Spidey/Hulk piece???? Send response to

meek? said...

They're all fantastic. Can't single out a fave!