Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Red Monika


For anyone not familiar with Battle Chasers, this is the curvacious Red Monika. I think she was a bounty hunter in the series from WildStorm? Anyhow, I'm not totally familiar with the series, but she seems to be pretty well known.

In the trade, there was a shot of her riding a sorta shark/stingray creature that I thought was too cool! This angle in not the most flattering for the "strata ray" shark thing, but as far as Monika was concerned the angle worked just fine.

I wanted the the camera angle to feel like you were the lucky dog riding beside our fearless heroine.

Anyhow, hope this works. See ya in San Diego!!


Laurghita said...

Somehow the background (or frontspace) dont match with her and the shark, color wise. Or change the color of the sky or put around her some walls like he just take off from a room inside the ship.

Sedat Oezgen said...

Hey Mike,
I think my jaw just hit the ground! Awesome stuff. I especially love the way the clouds look in the BW version. The sharkskin is soooo well rendered. Great stuff man!

Michael said...

thanks for the comments guys,Laurghita, yeah as far as Monika not absorbing more green, I found that when i added more green to her she started too look muddy and kinda sick. Your suggestion would absolutely make more sense but at the cost of a sickly looking Monika, just my opinion. Sedat, hope all is well, thanks a lot, yeah the shark was a lot of fun, have you used the copic markers, they do a lot of the work as far as creating textures, I recommend 'em. Mike

Guilherme Medeiros said...

Hi man. I love so much your jobs. I´m your fan.
I´ve a blog, if you can visit, i´ll like it. I´m brazillian and don´t know speak english very good.

K▲LIGUL▲ on Kandor said...

I discover this artist for u. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice work.

meek? said...

Shiny goodness!! :D