Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SNIKT, I say!!! SNIKT!!!!


Hey y'alls, how's it going!?! ...maaaaan, I can't believe it's time for the San Diego Comic-Con again?!? ...where the hell does the time go?!? The Con is one of those 'love hate' things for me. It's four, non-stop days of insanity, BUT it's also a 'family reunion' of sorts for people in the industry, so it's always really cool to reconnect with friends (both professionals and fans) during those four days.

Another really cool thing about hanging out in 'artist's alley' is seeing what the other Pros brought with 'em, the new prints, new sketchbooks, shirts, etc.  I always look forward to seeing what the 'Big Guns' bring: Arthur Adams, Mignola, Jason Pearson, Adam Hughes, Dave Johnson etc., but there is always the brand new 'hidden jewel' you find, that's the BEST. Robert Valley was one of those finds for me...one of these guys whose work is AMAZING, just not very known in comic-dom. One of these people that make you think about drawing from a totally different perspective!!! So here's to finding that 'hidden jewel' at this upcoming show!!! 

...Oh yeah, this here is a good ol' 'Weapon X' I just finished for a very patient fan! ...Hope you dig it Michael! :)


Emperor.Kaizer. said...


Now excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor...

Luke said...


Tom said...

Damn, that's an incredible Weapon X.

Hypochondrius said...

This is sick!

nickrunge said...

Carlos, this is one of the ALL TIME best weapon x drawings I've EVER seen!!! Great sense of movement!

You're so damn good man. Everyone one at Wildstorm is uber-talented and it's always a special treat to see all the new stuff. I also really loved your Spidey vs Hulk piece from a few months ago.

meek? said...

Hooked it uuuuup...!! Xo

Congrats to Michael!

Have fun @ the Con, Carlos! Hope you find more "hidden jewels" for inspiration!