Monday, July 13, 2009

SDCC 2009 Map


It's that crazy time of year again, with Comic-Con just around the corner, anything can happen! For starters, we're a little more spread out this year, but this handy map should help find us all:

DD-12 Sandra Hope
DD-13 Richard Friend
DD-14 Carlos D’Anda
DD-15 Eduardo Nuñez
DD-16 Oliver Nome
DD-17 Michael Lopez
DD-18 Juvaun “JJ” Kirby
DD-19 Alex Sinclair
DD-20 Scott Williams
DD-03 Livio Ramondelli
KK-17 Joel Gomez
4601 Jim Lee (Naked Fat Rave)

Other WildStorm notables include our resident Art Director Ed Roeder at LL-05 and colorist Gabe Eltaeb at HH-11, so please stop by to see us all!

While most of us will be in Artist's Alley again this year, Jim will be sitting with the "Naked Fat Rave" group of artists in booth #4601. NFR includes such talents as Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Joyce Chin, Amanda Conner, David Finch, Phil Noto, Bruce Timm and Matt Wagner.

Hope to see you all there!



Anonymous said...

lol poor Livio, so isolated

Anonymous said...

joel too

Livio said...

Actually, if we're understanding the layout I think I'm in the same alleyrow as the other guys but just facing the other side- with my back rudely to them:)

As for Joel, we have no clue how they sat him so far away. We are hoping to fix it before the show!

Anonymous said...

Hey Livio

Yeah, that was a typo, meant to say Joel at first.. I guess I read the layout and tad too quickly. Epic fail for my first comments here. >.<

Anyway, as long as you're reading I suppose it is worth mentioning that I love all the work of the kids at Wildstorm. My favorite piece from you was the one with the Silver Surfer.. Galactus in the background killing the planet. I think it captured the Silver Surfer's depression really well.

Livio said...

Well thanks very much! I appreciate that. And if you're coming to the show, definitely stop by us and say hello!