Friday, July 10, 2009

Celeritas & 100 Bullets


Jim Lee just illustrated a new piece for his buddy, Joe Hahn of "Linkin Park," to benefit the "Riders for Health" charity. The custom-decorated motorcycle helmet will be on display at Joe's store, SURU in LA from July 12th from 12:00-8:00pm through August 16th as part of the "Celeritas" exhibition.

Tomorrow night, Jim will be attending the private reception held at the store where they'll be auctioning off his heavenly/devilish helmet, including others by James Jean, Alex Pardee, Barry McGee and more. And for the artheads out there, the art has been sealed with a spray fixative to keep it all together.

Since that's not open to the public, you can still catch Jim at the "100 Bullets: Last Shot" party thrown by Meltdown Comics earlier in the day, to help celebrate the release of the final 100 Bullets tpb, "Wilt," in-stores now. He'll be joining Brian Azzarello and Rev. Dave Johnson as they bid a fond farewell to Vertigo's modern day crime classic.

Say goodbye to Graves, Dizzy and my favorite, Lono in style with the creators and all kinds of store exclusives too. VIP or Standing-Room-Only tickets are sure to sell-out before the event, so order yours now!


arnie said...

definately the coolist thing about Jim's job... cool helmet.

peace out

mongoosedog said...

100 bullets is by far one of the best comics ever made, and i love that Eduardo Risso drew all 100 issues, most comics now days they put a great artist for the first couple issues and then they give you some other artist every other issue, and your like wtf i picked up the comic casue this artist kicked ass and now they're changing it, f@*k that! 100 bullets rules!

K▲LIGUL▲ on Kandor said...

I wish have motorcycle for use that helmet!!

Anonymous said...

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