Wednesday, May 27, 2009



Hey guys, how's it going? Here's another piece of my fave villain Joker that I just did for fun. It may be the cover to my Comic-Con '09 sketchbook.

I just wanted to do a close-up and make it high contrast with a little gesture thrown in. I found a really cool photo of actor Vincent Cassal (who I think would make a great Joker) and it was perfect reference for what I had in mind. I did a few tweeks here and there and this is what came out.

I use my fair share of photo reference, but it's what you do with it and how you interpret it that counts as far as artistic integrity goes. So don't be afraid to use photos for inspiration, it doesn't make you less of an artist:)

Hope you like...

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MARY said...

I LOVE YOUR VISION OF JOKER!!!For exemple in All star batman and robin joker is amazing, rock on!!!