Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A li'l blast from the past.

[Kirby strikes again.]

This piece showed up on the WildStorm web site back in the day and I felt it deserved a second look. there was some great art being shown at that time and this was my favorite.

All pencil, markers, inks and kirby flavor.



d'ho said...

hey JJ email i still wanna do that piece together we talk bout at wonder con buddy.


( darklegyon@gmail.com )

Ken said...


I also love the Lil Gen13 and DV8-Babies you did. Did you ever do a Lil WildCATs?

Alexandre Togeiro said...

Fantastic work!!! Its not only crazy hilariously funny, as the technique is VERY impressive! Really well done!

Are these other Lil works posted here somewhere? Wanna see' em :)

Ken said...

Here's the Gen13-Babies.


I couldn't find Lil DV8 though.