Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Gears of War

(entry ricH.)

Theron Guard from GOW1.

My first digital drawing/painting....there's a step by step over at my deviant art page..

ricH deviant art

Done primarily with the airbrush tool just building up fine layer of paint and then tightening it up where I thought it might look best by defining the edges more and more. I'd been doing a lot of traditional painting and I wasn't sure how it would translate into PS/ I found digital a lot easier so this piece although it was a brain bender....wasn't as impossible as I thought it might be.

I am getting together a cover gallery submission portfolio for editors and I wanted to do a few test tries with the mediums I might use...so although this pose is not cover quality...the piece served an important purpose in experimenting with the tools PS has to offer/

thanks for reading.



William Kenney said...

Cool. I've always loved this technique. Essentially pulling light out of darkness. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Bad-Ass!! Liking it a lot!!

Luciano Acampora said...

i love this game!!

Press Oblivion said...

awesome! Simply awesome!

Richard said...

ah cool thanks guys.

really fun doing something like this.

to be honest it always felt like something other people do and I just wasn't part of that universe.

I always was as a fan but if you've ever toyed with the idea of learning photoshop or digital coloring you know how intimidating it can be.

I didn't know anything about it, didn't have the right set up with a wacom, and it just was this far off goal I was never sure I'd be able to tackle.

I finally said, screw it, just go for it.

and I am glad I did.

more of this stuff to come.

I just started an optimus prime battle piece/