Friday, June 12, 2009


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whoa! My art hit the main page of the official KISS web site. I can't believe it. I just submitted it as fan art there for fun and there are literally thousands of pieces of fan art submitted. I really am blown away.

here's a link if you want to peep it.

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I did a Gene Simmons drawing about 2 weeks back just to blow off a little steam and a person on my deviant page gave me a heads up about a KISS T-shirt design contest that was going on.

It sounded like a lot of fun so I went for it and did a piece.

As a kid I had 2 passions. Star Wars and KISS. J. Scott Campbell kinda blew it because in the Danger Girl absolute hard cover he had old photos of several of the artists that worked on the book wearing Star Wars t-shirts. I found a picture of me not only wearing a Star Wars shirt...but my face is painted like Ace Frehley! (Jeff could have never I am just kidding about him blowing it.)

but yeah man KISS and Star Wars...I loved it (still do I find!)

signing up takes literally 10 VOTE!

Rich T-shirt link


Michael Lopez said...


Press Oblivion said...

Not only is this awesome but I recall you revealing a desire to be a cover artist for comics, are you perusing that?I'm not sure if you're under contract with DC or Wildstorm but you have to get your ass on it! Your technique is so superb that I'm just in awe of everything you do.

Richard said...
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Richard said...

sorry my last post was written in a different program and the paragraphs were really hard to read.

so I deleted it.

here it is a little more legible:

thanks EJ.

I do want to draw anything and everything. I don't aggressively pursue work and generally tend to focus on learning and creating new pieces and then see what happens. It's not a lazy attitude but I get quite a bit accomplished without getting "work" if that makes sense. I've been lucky in some ways because I have the freedom to draw and also develop.

I won't say their names but 2 very famous and very awesome artists told me at different times (after me asking them the question "if there was any one thing you'd change or do differently in regards to your comic career what would it be?"

They both said they would have learned to draw better before they broke in. A lot of people want work so desperately that that becomes the main goal. I want to create a body of work that evolves, improves, and my "goals" if you want to call them that might be nontraditional or a little unusual in a field where I think people want to get work out there. I get work out there, it's a variety of stuff but in that there is an ongoing theme...and I think I've improved constantly over the last 4 years I've been drawing.

I am really looking into getting cover work now though. I am doing my homework and developing pen and ink, painted, and then digitally painted cover work.

so it's coming....hopefully very soon.

I am working hard.


and thanks to Mike Lopez too...half the fun of doing the piece was knowing you'd see it when it's done.



Anonymous said...

RoCk oN! (i wanna be the president)
this inspired me to kiss out on sum
old vids on the tube, digest the wisdom of Gene and then spit it out as a blazing ball of fire.

Fantastic textures.
i hope you win.

Livio said...

Awesome work, Rich!!!