Thursday, June 04, 2009

Skeletor Triumphant


Studiomate, and WildStorm designer- Larry Barry, recently became a father...and for some reason Larry kept joking with everyone at the office that he was going to name his kid skeletor! (of course we didn't buy it) Couple that with Larry's phobia (seriously) with all things cow or dairy related (I think he was traumatized as a little kid when visiting an animal farm, and had a mishap milking a cow), and you have Skeletor Triumphant!

Colors by the Amazing Beth Sotelo. Someone at the studio had this printed on a baby pajama onesy. Good Times Indeed.



j.bolerjack said...

Joel, that is awesome. I didn't know larry was afraid of cows. HA HA! Beth did a great job too! Kudos man

Gelatomettista said...

heh...and knowing is half the battle!

SaburokuN said...

That's great. Makes me laugh :)

Gelatomettista said...

Thanks Saburoken...and thanks for stopping by!

savon599 said... a fool for that one!...LOL

Gelatomettista said...

all in good fun!

meek? said...


Awesome piece and even more awesome complementary back-story.