Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Red Nuñez 2


Hello everyone, it's been awhile since I posted anything since I've been trying to get out of a funk :) Anyhoo here's a pre-done piece of Red Monika I did over the weekend. I did a piece of her at last year's Comic Con, so I thought I'd give her another shot for this year's con.

Doing grey tone pieces is still a challenge for me because I am still learning the different values to push and pull the thing you want the viewer's eye to focus on.

Hope ya'll digz.


Mark said...

Looks quite obvious to me what you were trying to have us focus on ;)

Great stuff man, beautiful rendering ..

What kind of paper is that ? It looks like it's very grainy and it really adds to the art ...

Anonymous said...

thanks Mark. The paper is grainy which makes it a little easier to work on with markers not sure the name of the paper all I know is that it is a canson brand

Mark said...

Hey eddie,

Cool to see you guys are reading and responding to comments !
Next time you do something like this, film it, it would be awesome to see your drawing process ..
I love those videos of Jim doing the wolverine or the piece of him drawing batman and superman on the red door at Kevin Smith's comic book store ..

Would be great to see you do what you do best ;)

Cheers man, keep up the good work !

demonpack said...

super clean line work! nice little detail touches. good pose. my only crit would be to go a little extreme with a pose next time. lets see some energy! lets keep these pencils going. wishing you some great creative waves to come soon!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment Brett. As far as more energy and dynamics Ill see what I can do on a next piece :)

B. Wood said...

well if this isn't a FUNKBUSTER PIECE, I don't know what is!!

Anonymous said...

good job guy! post more stuff!!! i love your work

meek? said...

Back-to-back shiny goodness!! Doubly awesome.