Friday, August 08, 2008

Red Nuñez


How's it going everyone?! First off, I would like to thank all the people that stopped by to say "Hi!" in Artist's Alley. Second, I would like to say "It's finally over!" Man, that was hectic!!! It was very exciting being at my first Comic-Con. I've been here before years back when I would come and visit Carlos and the guys at the studio, but this was my first time behind the table.

I have to admit though, it was fun sitting at the table drawing and talking to people. Speaking of work, here is a commission I did of Red Monika. I'm pretty happy with the piece considering I rarely use grey paper, but I just love the tones that the markers and white pencil give you.

Anyhoo I hope you like and I'm still open for commissions :)



Rich said...

Hey Eddie,
It was cool meeting you a Comicon - Thanks for the bats sketch in your sketchbook. (if i had a bit more cash, i'dve gotten a commission from you and not just the ladytron from carlos)
Take care, see you next year

arnie said...

hey it was finally cool to be in the same building with all of you. unfortunatley my kids thought nickalodeon was way cooler. so maybe i'll get to meet y'll next year....

peace out

Kabuki Joe said...

What up homie, looks great, i never saw you draw a cool, or sexy leia, give it a try and sell it to me.

Richard said...

nice piece Eddy. I almost think you could have put a thicker line all around her and even popped out the face a lot more...I like all the little cast shadows....the extra values really add some depth.