Monday, August 04, 2008


Fantastimundo from oowom on Vimeo


Hi everyone. My name is Sarah Farber and I am the editorial coordinator for CMX, which is the manga line we produce here at WildStorm.

I have been working here at the studio for six and a half years and in that time I have attended seven Comic-Cons and three Anime Expos. I have brought my video camera to each convention and almost three years after starting the editing process, Fantastimundo is finished.

All of the footage was shot and cut by me and good friend Kris Schlesser (without whom none of this would have been possible).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!


Anonymous said...

GREAT STUFF! Any way that we can get the song listing for the video? Some great tracks in there.

Moses said...

Great video! Couldn't make the Con this year myself due to work related travel. Thanks for the little glimpse (made me smile).

Sinc' said...

Sparky!!! This rules in so many ways--and I've watched it so much that now my book is gonna be late. Eeerie resemblance between that "Superman" and Larry, don't you think? Methinks you've uncovered his secret identity!


Anonymous said...

amazing, hilarious, brilliant.

C Combs said...

Haha! That was wonderful! A poignant reminder of all that I am missing in my life.

Christopher said...

Truly truly inspired capture of the histrionics that is human kind. Paired with a moving soundtrack, you two have supurbly ilustrated what not to let you kids grow up to be.